Thursday, June 20, 2013

Who's the Hottest of them All: Game of Thrones Guys

The Game of Thrones HBO series boasts a series of super hot people. HAWT.

In the novels, George RR Martin describes his characters accurately: Robert Baratheon used to be a tall man made of muscle and lust and hotness, and Renly is like his 'ghost' according to Ned Stark. (Ergo, Renly is supposed to be superbly delicious.) Jaime Lannister is described as the most handsome man in the Seven Kingdoms. Loras Tyrell is the most beautiful.

But in the series, who do WE think is the most yummy?

I've painfully trawled through pics all morning to find you pictures of each actor in character, and then some shots of them in their raw person.

Starting with the main characters:.

Robb Stark

Aaah the now deceased Young Wolf. Auburn haired and blue eyed.

He's played by Richard Madden. Seeing as Madden is quite fond of his stubble even off Stark duty, he looks much the same: scrumptious.

Jon Snow

Yeh nuew nuthin Jen Snaaw! The sombre Bastard of Stark.

Kit Harington. Smiling. GIMME!

Jaime Lannister

The yellow-haired twin to the Queen.

Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Hear me ROAR ... haaaaaaa

Tyrion Lannister

The Imp, a bastard in his own way. The book describes him as quite grotesque.

Peter Dinklage is everything but grotesque...

Other characters long since dead or of smaller roles:

Loras Tyrell

The Knight of Flowers, the youngest and hottest of the Kingsguard.

Finn Jones does not disappoint in real life.

Khal Drogo

The fearsome Khal

Jason Momoa did the haka in his audition for the role. SWEET YIPES hand me a towel.

Viserys Targaryen 

We hated him in Season 1, the beggar king abused our beloved Khaleesi.

But MAN the modestly named Harry Lloyd is not too bad eh?

Jaqen H'Ghar 

A man must drink.

I'll have a long and tall Tom Wlaschiha please.


WHO is the hottest? Love to hear your opinions, and also who you think I may have left out. This is far too complex a debate for twitter, which is why I hauled out the much-neglected blog.

(I considered Ser Jorah Mormont, and even took a look at The Hound and Stannis Baratheon out of curiosity. Not to my taste, but if you insist I'd be happy to oblige)

Gotta say, Drogo and Harington take it for me. Hubba hubba.


  1. Kit Harrington is wowser, Harry Lloyd they made him less hot in the show but he is so hot and Khal Drogo will hold you super tight

  2. Khal Drogo! Robb Stark! Jon Snow! And to my dismay I like Jaime Lannister too. I want them all! But what about Khaleesi's potential new love interest, Daario Naharis? He's not so bad either.

  3. Kim, I'll leave the ratings to you ladies, but your style of writing does it for me;) Haha ... loved this quick read. Keep'em coming.

  4. I like them all sorry I can't choose they r unique in their own way

  5. Thanx for posting these beautiful men :)

  6. i'm with grrm. loras is the hottest man in westeros.

  7. Finn Jones and Richard Madden!!!!