Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suck On My THINK THAI Balls

These, are my ThinkThai BALLS!

@MikeSharman and I hosted an absolutely banging Thai party over the weekend, along with the incredible bringers of YUM: Simply Asia.

You may have seen me RTing Mike's blog posts about the competition. If you want to find out more about the blogger competition side of things, check it out here. But it's not just about those people who go to restaurants and tell people they're "important bloggers", no! Hekekeke. YOU can win a trip to Thailand too! All you have to do is go to a Simply Asia restaurant (and really, why WOULDN'T you? Their food is honestly delicious yumminess) and then enter by putting your little form in the doos. Box. Watevs.

Sun was out to PAWRTY!
The fun side of this all was of course that we got to throw the above-mentioned party. The memo was the throw the most quintessential Thai party possible. Simply Asia provided the food - starters, mains and pudding, along with whatever booze we wanted. Within a budget, obvs.

The theme was VERY important. And what is more Thailand, or more awesome, than the traditional FULL MOON parties??? Neon and lumo and DRUNK!

LUMO *check*, DRUNK *check*, Token Ladyboy? *Erm, check?*
We spent most of our booze budget on the delish Singah beer, native to Thailand of course. It's quite yummy, and if you've never tried it, I highly recommend ordering one when you pop into Simply Asia. We got a selection of red and white wines for the fussies who don't really like their beer. And then my magic stroke of genius was to make what we dubbed "Fuck-it buckets". I can't give you the recipe. I don't even know what was in it. Except for the vodka and Red Bull (given to us by the lovely Hayley Venter @AllHail), I haven't a cooking clue, ha!

For food, we chose Option A:
And these are just the STARTERS! 

113 Combo Platter
116 Dim Sum Combo
301 Chicken Green Curry
514 Yellow Noodle with Chicken and Roasted Chilli Paste
607 Prawn and Calamari with Yellow Noodles
303 Beef with Basil Leaves
902 Chocolate Spring Rolls

EVERYTHING was spectacular. Honestly, EVERYTHING.

Here are some of the Lumo or Asian inspired outfits:

Asian persuasion

When doing lumo, '80s works every time. With profanity painted on your arm by yours truly. Ahem. 

The aforementioned FuckIt Bucket

In your lumo FACE! 

The recently back from Asia couple, getting all matchy and shit ;) 

Thinking Thai. And Hawaiin. And Singah. Watevs. 

Did I mention how much we ROCKED at Beer Pong??

After things went south, beer goggles were needed...

Me? Lumo?

A bottle of Patron sponsored by our Patron Princess

We added in some cheesy tunes, and the most fantastic group of people available, and had one of the best Saturday afternoons cum nights in a while! The atmosphere was all kinds of frivolous fun, mostly owing to the LUMO theme, and our attempts at Thai decor. Having the party at our poolhouse was also a brilliant idea - what's Thailand about if not blue waters, good company and sunshine? And obviously a debaucherous Beer Pong tournament!

These arseholes are jamming their FACES off to MM BOP! Ha!
Got to say a big thanks to all our wonderful friends who joined us and supported Mike's bid to win the trip to Thailand, and an even BIGGER thanks to the guys from Simply Asia who were absolute pros! Cooking on scene, Thai stir-frying the FACE off our delicious food, and giving us the chance to have a House-warming slash Engagement slash LUMO party!

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a trip too!

Enjoy the photos ;) #ThinkThai #ChooseSharman


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  1. I'm sure the beer pong would have gone down a treat in the traditional Thai Ping Pong Show way. LOL