Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FINALLY! Half-Arsed-A Chef!

I don't need to bring to your attention the flood of crappy cooking shows occupying our screens at the moment.

We have the cringe-worthy, yet funny, Come Dine With Me. A show that's only saving quality is in the form of narrator Dave Lamb. It's fairly fun and easy to make fun of people who take themselves too seriously.

The glories of Come Dine With Me

We had the overly-serious, 'THIS IS FOOD, YOU TREAT IT LIKE LIFE OR DEATH, YOU USELESS ARSEHOLES" attitude of the original UK Masterchef. A constant air of failure, tension and pressure. A bit unpleasant to be frank.

"We are foodies and you will never be as superlatively AMAZING as us! Pttooey!" 

Then we have the much-loved, and much-improved Masterchef Australia: a marathon competition combining natural talent and development of skills, along with George's rocking heels and Matt Preston's cravat. Also serious, but with a positive and helpful vibe.

"Ebb-solutely beautfal"

Then... oh bless, we were introduced to Masterchef South Africa. Just a week ago. Episode two tonight. Despite good production and a good mechanic, thanks to MC Aus, the desperate attempt to take themselves too seriously has already played against the resident judges. I think I'll leave it there.

Haaaaa... I actually can't even. 

So in this whirlwind of the same but different cooking competitions, a solution was needed.

I'm delighted to introduce to you a REAL South African cooking show.

A cooking show that brings the best out of our Saffa disposition, and our local cuisine!

Oh! The pressure!

Ooh - the RAWNESS!

Oo - just watch "Half-Arsed-A Chef: The Boerie Tower Challenge" mkay?

Let me know what you think ;) 

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