Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Stoner Chronicles

I was having an idle chat last night about a friend of mine who had a rather odd stoner possie. Those broke, student stoners have a special skill when it comes to finding all the weird shit on the internet. This is before they manage to collect a good catalogue of weird, artsy and/or scary movies, of course.

There is some fucking weird shit on the internet. Not that I’m stating the obvious, or anything.

There’s the basic stoner stuff that’ll get the infrequent, light stoner into a fit of giggles. Like Charlie the Unicorn:

The. Fuck. EH?

As with all things in life, there’s moderation. And those who have no idea how to exercise it. That’s how this little gem of a series was created. The stoner possie informed me that the animator actually writes these things on acid trips. Which isn’t hard to believe. Watch this with lights on, and possibly some happy music on standby. It is as creepy as Aunt Petunia’s quivering arse. Salad Fingers:

I do understand that you will need this now:

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