Thursday, November 24, 2011

DRIVE Screenings!!

There’s no denying that Ryan Gosling is just a small slice of heaven. And that, he’s like, so hot right now. Those brooding eyes, that cheeky smile, those pecs…

And he’s not just aesthetically pleasing – he’s a damn talented sonofabitch. Which means he’s not only a lady’s man, but a man’s man too. He’s becoming one of those actors whose presence in a movie kinda guarantees it’s awesomeness.


I was lucky enough to preview his latest movie that’s getting MAYJAH Oscar buzz already. It’s called “Drive”. As you may have seen on Twitter, even I struggled to find the superlatives to describe it. It’s refreshingly different. It has a phenomenal soundtrack and score. It’s shocking – whether you’ve seen the trailer or not, you’ll have no sure expectations. In short, it’s just a superbly awesome movie. I can’t really give anything away, so I just have to urge you to do yourself a favour and watch it.

I’m even luckier though.

Nu Metro has been AWESOME enough to give us THREE pre-screenings for “Drive”.

They’re all on the 8th of December at 20h00 – the movie officially opens on the 9th.

Cape Town: Canal Walk
Durban: The Pavilion
Jo’burg: Hyde Park

I’m giving away about 400 (ya – FOUR HUNDRED) tickets.

Email me, and I’ll give you and THREE friends tickets to the venue of your choice. There’ll also be some fantastic freebies on the night, including complimentary popcorn and a coke. BUT mostly, you’ll be some of the first lucky buggers to see the hottest flick this year ;)

This is winning in so many ways, I could just KAK.

Go aaawn: email me, with "Drive" as the subject: