Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Strangest Email I've Ever Received...

On Youngblood 5 today I featured a very cool event, called Slutwalk, which orignated in the USA. It all started when a police official in the U.S. recommended that women 'don't wear slutty clothing, to avoid being raped'. Naturally, uproar ensued. To find out more about it, visit Slutwalk Jo'burg's website.

Usually feedback for YB5 is positive: it's people wanting to get involved; it's people wanting to donate; people wanting to find out more; people just wanting to say thanks to those making a difference. This afternoon, however, I received this email in reply to today's feature, in which I interviewed Sandi Schultz, who is a rape survivor and organiser of Slutwalk JHB. This is a complete copy/past, except for his name, which I have courteously omitted:
Hi Kim. I ASSUME it was you who was doing the recorded interview with the Slutwalk lady. I am always disturbed when people or bodies are allowed to solicit for donations or cash from the public via 5FM, (or any other broadcast medium for that matter). 5FM seems to be pretty random though, allowing any kind of ne'er-do-well to beg for cash on air. Is the Slutwalk thing a Registered Charity? (for example). Some of us may think that the aims of the people begging are noble, some of us may not. I hear loads of con artists on 5FM every day. Besides the con I thing that 5FM should be politically neutral and not be used for fundraising or promoting political agendas. (by all means entertain me with YOUR opinions, but don't PROMOTE political agendas) Sexual abuse is not pleasant or entertaining. Certain of these nasty social pathologies do not even pertain to the 5FM audience (except as a cash cow). Please entertain me instead, don't try to indoctrinate me or beg for money. Regards P***n Politically oppressed white male If you send me a blank (or unblank) e-mail as a response I'd appreciate it, thank you. 

I didn't realise non-profit organisations asking for donations equated to 'soliciting'. He doesn't seem to want ANY NPO to be given ANY exposure on ANY medium.

He's also so 'concerned' that some of the orgs I've featured are 'con artists', and that 5FM features these 'con artists' every day. He's worried about the political agenda being promoted...

He'd also appreciate to not be 'doctrinated' or for our YB5 causes to 'beg him for money'.

Now, as a public broadcaster, not only do we not have any political agenda whatsoever, we're not ALLOWED to have one. You can find each an every cause featured on YB5 this year, here. P***n, if you're reading this post, please feel free to browse these causes, their accreditations and how they've helped their respective communities. You are free to point out any political affiliation, and any sign of corruption they may be guilty of. If you think we're so stupid as to feature an unlicensed NPO.

Now, having tried to be PC above, I simply must get a bit angry.

The men and women I've spoken to each and every week have GIVEN UP THEIR LIVES to help their causes. Jes Foord, who ran Durban Slutwalk, is a rape survivor who was gang raped, and instead of shrinking away, she started a foundation to be a comfort to other women who go through that ordeal. Her foundation is now her life.

Now, it may be a bit higher grade, but as NON PROFIT ORGANISATIONS, P***n, they do not make an income. Meaning, they rely on donations, sponsorships and patrons. Whether you like it or not, these causes rely on their communities. Whether you realise it or not, these orgs are making a difference in our country and in our communities.

5FM is the perfect platform for these causes to get the help they need, and as a station that's all about our listeners, it's of course not only our prerogative to help, but our pleasure.

I'm so sorry, P***n, for taking up three minutes of your entertainment on a Wednesday, and a random minute here and there throughout the week. No, it's not pleasant to talk about rape and sexual abuse - what do you think it's like for the people who have to deal with that trauma every day for the rest of their lives? And these women (I haven't spoken to a male survivor as yet) are the strongest, most successful and inspiring women I've ever spoken to.

When it comes to YB5 complaints, I expect the odd angry mail because a cause they're passionate about hasn't been mentioned. Because when people are passionate about something, they go all the way.

I never, in my life, thought I'd get an email as ridiculous as this. Not only completely missing each and every message we've sent out, as political and solicitous, but reducing peoples' hard work to begging.

I spit on you, P***n, and hope that at some point you'll escape your bigot box. Not everyone HAS to support a cause, or donate to one - but I think even those who aren't actively involved in charity work of some sort appreciate the people who are out there doing it. I know they are, because they email me and tweet me to tell me as much.

If you can't find it in you to even simply ignore the weekly causes, I implore you, to shut the fuck up.

Now, I'd like all you to reply to this guy in the comments below, I plan on sending them to him. Thanks. xxx


  1. What an absolute douche bag!! Seriously, does he not have better things to do!? Kim, your YB5 features are so awesome, helping foundations gain some national recognition..thanks!

  2. Dear P***n, please don't reproduce. Don't pass that genetic material on. Thank you.

  3. Are you serious? Charity interrupts your entertainment. Fuck off sociopath. You actually took, what 3 minutes of your life to write this drivel.

    You don't like the cause, don't support it financially or morally - there are thousands of other people out there who DO like to hear about inspiring people doing great work and who will support worthy causes and charities.

  4. Normally I am not a fan charities, which is to say of having several different organisations trying to solve the world's problems.

    I feel that because everyone has their own view of solving the same problem, all you get is a whole bunch of organisations diluting the overall amount of money that can be utilised to solve a problem (there are probably a dozen organisations to help rape survivors in SA).

    I do not however begrudge any of them the freedom to operate as and how they see fit.

    This wanker needs to learn that there are organisations out there dedicated to doing good in a society that he clearly doesn't want to be a part of.

    To say that I hope you feel the pain of these people would be to insinuate that I hope you get raped...

    F%^& it.

    I hope you get raped so that you can appreciate what these people are trying to accomplish with their lives. They are trying to make society a better place.

    You do not deserve an opinion you bigoted pile of filth.

    F%^& you.



  5. Ye gads P***n, you are a moron, aren't you? Feel free to not get involved in the amazing cause that is Slutwalk, but, like Kim said, also please do shut the fuck up. You do yourself the biggest favour of all when you do.

  6. what a cunt, clearly some rich bloke that feels he has to hold onto his money and expects everyone else to be like him

  7. Dear Sir

    you are the WANKSTAIN on the undergarments of a hobos swissdickcheese encrusted undies.

    That is all.


  8. Where to start......where to much to say, so little space.

    First, I expect 5fm, as a public broadcaster, to educate listeners on women's issues and rights (along with animal rights, men's rights, etc). Supporting good causes should be part of 5fm's RESPONSIBILITY.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. This is SOCIAL responsibility. You should try it, you might like it.

    My best:"Certain of these nasty social pathologies do not even pertain to the 5FM audience". What are we saying here? The 5fm audience isn't prone to these nasties, 5fm listeners don't get raped, 5fm listeners shouldn't care about rape?
    Did you know: a girl in South Africa is more likely to get raped than she is to learn to read and write?
    Did you know: by the time a rapist is convicted of the crime he is likely to have already raped 30 (that's THIRTY) women?

    Lastly, there are people (like Jes Foord who you mentioned) who dedicate their lives to doing good things. These people need a mouthpiece. On Saturday I attended a corporate event where we handed over 60 bags to Jes's Handbag Project. How would we have known about this amazing and smart little idea had we not heard it "somewhere"?

    Have you got any idea whatsoever how tough it must be to stand up every day and talk about your darkest moment in your life? How tiring it is to always be pestering your friends and family for money to support good causes because our government isn't capable of this? How the bloody hell is this BEGGING you buffoon?

    May I perhaps suggest an easy solution to your terrible little problem of having sh*t sold to you........try another radio station, there are plenty.

  9. Kim - Thanks to you and 5FM, people have a voice in a society that is deaf.

    F@cktard with no passion - maybe one day you will understand how much guts it takes for someone to stand up for a cause that they have first hand knowledge of... and that you will appreciate the meaning of "Shutting the fuck up" when you have a negative opinion.... by all means, have an opinion, this is a free country and everybody has a right to have an opinion.. but if it is negative, please just keep it to yourself and your voices.

  10. What a psycho!!!

    Love your reply Kim!!

  11. Dear PopeHole,

    You Suck.

  12. Are you sure that's how you spell your name P***n?

  13. "Sexual abuse is not pleasant or entertaining" -- I'm guessing that a more unintended truth has never been written. What this man, "P***n" (the missing letters of his name can only be 'eabrai') meant to say was that it's not pleasant to 'hear' about sexual abuse. That he feels this way, or that he apparently believes asking for donations is more of a "nasty social pathology" than say, RAPE, is not surprising. He is, after all, a pitiable, powerless, politically oppressed white Peabrain.

  14. Canada. It started in Canada.

    Now I can get on with reading the rest of this and calling him a twat.

    Back shortly.

  15. Hi. Me again.
    Wow. What a twat.

  16. Compare the airtime given to charities with the airtime sold to the 'corporate machine' busy destroying the planet & even political parties around election time.
    How many minutes have been allocated to stories about rape in the news on 5FM. Surely that's not entertaining to you?

    No media provides 100% of its time to entertainment alone. Deal with it, or listen to CD's / mp3's instead.

  17. Dear P***n


    I love when ignorant F@cktards, such as yourself, make themselves known.

    It just proves to me, that maybe I'm not so retarded for believing the best of people. It gives me a reason to believe in people who fight for real causes (e.g. Kim Schulze AND 5FM AND YB5 AND Slutwalk etc etc etc). Your email to Kim simply proves how uneducated about the real world you really are.

    I would like (scratch that, I might actually pay) to see you go through something a fraction as traumatising as many of the people featured on YB5. I commend Kim on her work here - with the size and influence of the media world, I really think other people within could do more.

    HOW THE HELL do you expect NPO's to support their causes without advertising for donations? NOBODY is forcing you to DONATE (not pay, donate, out of kindness) anything, so don't act like it's a debit order you have no control over. How do you expect organisations such as Slutwalk to survive without advertising? No one is forcing you to listen to the radio.

    Simply put - if you do not wish to hear about charities/NPO's, don't listen to the radio. Don't watch TV. Don't read magazines. In fact, never open a book, never leave home. Sit in the darkness, and rot - where you can live in your own utopic world (your version) - where the sky is black and people don't help each other, because that'd be perfect, right? Where everybody cared only for themselves and kindness didn't exist.

    If you wish to defend yourself, come, show me something that you've done that didn't benefit you directly. Show me something you've done which has really made a difference in someone else's life.

    On your way home, I assume your somebody's cumstain of a boss, feel free to have a traumatic experience. Then please, email Kim, so she can post it here, so that we can laugh and no one will care. :D

    Go forth. Think only of yourself - you're a master of this apparently. Oh, and shut the fuck up.

    I bid you farewell.



    P.s - By the way, I believe your name should be spelt like this >> P**s

  18. I'm less interest in the post and more in Kim's comments to it.

    To say that 5FM (or any other SABC unit) is apolitical is complete rubbish...the continued drama at head office is testiment to that. The change of guard there mirrors changes in who is in control of the ANC.

    Supporting NGOs is a noble cause and something that one would expect of a public broadcaster. Too often though I think not enough is done by 5FM and others in terms of highlighting the true contribution to NGOs -- far too often 50% or more of donations are swallowed up by "fees" and "costs" never making it to the people who needs the funds. I think that 5FM should clear state how much of each R1 donated gets to the end recipient.

  19. Our only responsibility and prerogative regardgin NPOs is creating awareness. If you want to know where the money's going, take it up with whichever organisation you donate to. They can also show you their expenses.

  20. And the political motivation referred to was to do with the ORGANISATIONS. Don't steer the topic to 'prove a point'.

  21. What an utter fool! Nothing much left to say, the previous comments pretty much sum up all I have to say, except don't you dare start with the politically oppressed white! I am white and I bet you live in a lap of luxury compared to the people who these charity organizations are aimed at! So either adjust attitude or simply stop, stand up and switch off you radio when YB5 comes on, if it is such an injustice to your political and moral opinion. Fuck you very much! AXEMAGGOTto say, the previous comments pretty much sum up all I have to say, except don't you dare start with the politically oppressed white! I am white and I bet you live in a lap of luxury compared to the people who these charity organizations are aimed at! So either adjust attitude or simply stop, stand up and switch off you radio when YB5 comes on, if it is such an injustice to your political and moral opinion. Fuck you very much! AXEMAGGOTous comments pretty much sum up all I have to say, except don't you dare start with the politically oppressed white! I am white and I bet you live in a lap of luxury compared to the people who these charity organizations are aimed at! So either adjust attitude or simply stop, stand up and switch off you radio when YB5 comes on, if it is such an injustice to your political and moral opinion. Fuck you very much! AXEMAGGOTto say, the previous comments pretty much sum up all I have to say, except don't you dare start with the politically oppressed white! I am white and I bet you live in a lap of luxury compared to the people who these charity organizations are aimed at! So either adjust attitude or simply stop, stand up and switch off you radio when YB5 comes on, if it is such an injustice to your political and moral opinion. Fuck you very much! AXEMAGGOT

  22. it just shows the mentality of nondescripts who probably do nothing to help society in which they live. 5fm keep up the good work and great show Kimmy

  23. sandi schultz here, founder of slutwalk jhb and the person "begging" for funds in the interview mentioned above.
    thank you kim for your support and for having me on your show to talk about slutwalk.
    wow, mister whatever-your-name-is, i wish i was a con-artist, then i wouldn't have almost R15000 on my credit cards in order to make this event happen. i'd be conning people left and right and i wouldn't have to work for a living and spend every free minute i have right now, making sure that things are paid for so that things go smoothly on the day.
    unlike you, however, there are thousands of people who recognise that this event belongs to them, and they are supporting it and claiming it as a cause they feel strongly about. i may have initiated it and be one of the people organizing, but sexual violence is an issue that touches us all. i don't think anyone in this country can say that they don't know someone who has been violated. my main aim in initiating slutwalk jhb has been to turn up the volume on the conversation around sexual violence, to break the silence that settles like a shroud over what happens behind closed doors, down alley ways, in fields, in parking lots and leaves victims who have to piece together their shattered lives. i know from experience that what one wears has nothing to do with being assaulted and mr, you're damned right, sexual abuse is not pleasant or entertaining. i can guarantee you that and i hope that you or your loved ones, never get to experience it. if you're offended, there's an off switch. use it!
    for the rest of you, thank you for the support and i hope to see you at slutwalk jhb on september 24th. and the reality remains that we, the organizers are paying out of our pockets for an event that belongs to us all, so if you can, help us out. if you can't, just be there and make sure that we get the message across that no one EVER asks to be assaulted and that no one, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or sexual history, deserves to be assaulted.

  24. God forbid any platform should dare deviate from entertaining cocks for 3 minutes to pay it forward, give back, have a social conscience or just care. It's totally unreasonable for 5fm to expect anyone to be exposed to matters of public interest or even worse, speak about something as uncomfortable as rape.
    Shame on you Kimmeh. You ruined his day.
    He's a fucking uneducated twat oxygen thief who should be forced to right this wrong by holding his breath until he dies.

  25. Ok, so there's clearly a missing link in P***n's gene pool.
    Look, I get sometimes we all say dumb shit. It's even possible for educated and sensible people to misinterpret something heard or seen in the media, but generally people tend to get their facts straight before going off on a flailing tangent. When it comes to ANY organisation who's founders devote their entire lives and sacrifice simple luxuries most of us take for granted to promote a cause, attempt to bring back a kind of balance of morality or better even a single life in OUR world, any person who shames this is either naiive, ignorant or just a coward who stirs in the background but cannot take a stand himself.

    Human Rights issues and the like are not swept under the rug anymore. It's not as taboo as it was 10, 20, 50 years ago in this country (and most parts of the world) for people to speak out against abuse and actively action against it to try and save others from the statistics. So when you're going to scruntinize a person, an organization, a radio personality or the whole damn lot and everything that they stand for, you had better make sure you have your ducks in a row.

    Please, P***n, use your energy on researching before blabbing, so you can at least make a valid point. Or better yet, help these causes and make a tiny difference in your tiny world, because there's a big world out there full of people who need it.

    Thanks for the blogs Kimmeh, I'm out! ;)

  26. Hi There Everybody.
    My name is Pearson Botha who Kim (kindly) kept anonymous by referring to me as "p*****n", and who some of you referred to as to as "douchebag", "coward", "wank stain", "c**t", and other abusive epithets...(one of the geniuses here has even suggested that I be murdered and another wishes that I get raped) This abuse delivered by self righteous people who are standing up against violence and abuse....ironic that. Do you talk to your wives and children like that too?
    As so many of you took the time to insult and wish violent abuse on me my response will be rather long winded, so I apologise for the length of my post.
    Firstly, my issue is the principle, NOT about the "Slutwalk" SPECIFICALLY. Did you lot get that?
    Another point, how is the Slutwalk or any other (16 Days of Activism for instance) going to prevent any one single person from being abused or hurt? Don't give me bulls**t about "awareness" or "education". Rapists and child abusers don't take their cues from middle class (mostly) white people prancing around in funny outfits. If we are going to help abused women and children with this then I shall join your exhibition with my money in my hand.
    By all means, sacrifice your life for good causes, but a street party? Rather sacrifice your time and money to direct assistance...but a street party "sacrifice" is much more fun isn't it? That way we can all have a good time frolicking and pretend we care whilst the people waiting (and waiting and waiting) in charge offices and casualty wards sit alone, probably to go home alone, to again be confronted by the perpetrators who landed them in casualty in the first place. And we party on
    Another point @ Sandi Schulz, founder of the "Slutwalk", a technical point; your overdraft or credit card balance should be a problem for the Non Profit Organisation. Your expenditure should be considered a loan (or donation) to the Non Profit. Appearing on national or local broadcast media for assistance with your personal credit card balance is not acceptable. There is a vested interest. As I said, this is a technical/ethical point and I am not suggesting that you specifically are being dishonest. This is what actually caught my attention and motivated me to send my rant to Kim.
    Another point: There are definitely con artists who appear under the guise of a noble cause on 5FM throughout the day, listen to "Mind Your Own Business" (for instance) to hear some (not all) of the spurious characters who are collecting money, supposedly on behalf of the less fortunate. Misery is profit, ask any Government.
    If one of you can come up with a concrete solution to the social pathologies that I refer to I shall be glad to assist with my time and what little cash I can afford.

    A point on political agendas: Bridget said "I expect 5fm, as a public broadcaster, to educate listeners on women's issues and rights (along with animal rights, men's rights, etc). Supporting good causes should be part of 5fm's RESPONSIBILITY." Note that the words "Women's Rights" was mentioned first and "Children's rights" not even an afterthought. Children come first, always. If you want to know your rights, study the law, not 5FM.
    So, Kim it was a surprise seeing my post in public and even a bigger surprise seeing the nasty responses from all the kind caring people out there. I look forward to more of the same.