Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh Redudant, Reduntant Tweeps...

There’s a little niggle that’s been niggling my niggles for a bit too long, so that’s what blogs are for, right?

I know many people blurt things out without thinking. Cliff and Scott being our more recent examples. Some people may also tweet things out without thinking. But most of us put at least a bit of thought into our tweets. Unlike speaking, you have the time to double-check and scrutinize. Not to say we think about each tweet for hours, but we do think about it before publishing.

Now, as someone with a few followers, I tend to check the grammar of my tweets, along with any potential ambiguity or unintended controversy. I say “unintended” controversy for a very specific reason. If there is something ‘controversial’ or possibly offensive in a tweet of mine, you can be fairly (80%) sure I put it there with full knowledge and total intent.

If I swear:
I’ve T-Y-P-E-D out “f-u-c-k”, “s-h-i-t”, “c-u-n-t”, even. That means, dear cretin, that I MEANT to swear. Your telling me that “I have a filthy mouth”, or writing “Potty mouth!” or that “I shouldn’t use such language”, is redundant. Congratulations Captain Observation. If you don’t like it, congratulations, cheers.

If I blaspheme:
Similarly, I’ve typed out “J-e-s-u-s C-h-r-i-s-t”, etc. I know what I’ve said. And it should be fairly obvious, from the fact that I have TYPED it out and published it, that I have no moral qualms. And don’t care if you do. You are welcome to your opinion on the matter, as you are welcome to your beliefs. But if I gave a shit, I wouldn’t have typed it for fear of offending you. So don’t tell me I did. I don’t care. You may ‘tsk tsk’ and unfollow, whatever you like. Don’t lecture me.

If I express an opinion:
I love a good reply with a grounded rebuttle. Cussing me (as much as I enjoy a good vloek) without forming your own opinion isn’t really going to get a reaction. Or at least a good one. Come at me if you must, but have some bullets in your guns, charna.

I love replies to my tweets – it makes the conversation that much more interesting.

But FFS, stop TELLING me what I’ve said. I fucking know. I typed it.

Over and out. 

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