Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh Redudant, Reduntant Tweeps...

There’s a little niggle that’s been niggling my niggles for a bit too long, so that’s what blogs are for, right?

I know many people blurt things out without thinking. Cliff and Scott being our more recent examples. Some people may also tweet things out without thinking. But most of us put at least a bit of thought into our tweets. Unlike speaking, you have the time to double-check and scrutinize. Not to say we think about each tweet for hours, but we do think about it before publishing.

Now, as someone with a few followers, I tend to check the grammar of my tweets, along with any potential ambiguity or unintended controversy. I say “unintended” controversy for a very specific reason. If there is something ‘controversial’ or possibly offensive in a tweet of mine, you can be fairly (80%) sure I put it there with full knowledge and total intent.

If I swear:
I’ve T-Y-P-E-D out “f-u-c-k”, “s-h-i-t”, “c-u-n-t”, even. That means, dear cretin, that I MEANT to swear. Your telling me that “I have a filthy mouth”, or writing “Potty mouth!” or that “I shouldn’t use such language”, is redundant. Congratulations Captain Observation. If you don’t like it, congratulations, cheers.

If I blaspheme:
Similarly, I’ve typed out “J-e-s-u-s C-h-r-i-s-t”, etc. I know what I’ve said. And it should be fairly obvious, from the fact that I have TYPED it out and published it, that I have no moral qualms. And don’t care if you do. You are welcome to your opinion on the matter, as you are welcome to your beliefs. But if I gave a shit, I wouldn’t have typed it for fear of offending you. So don’t tell me I did. I don’t care. You may ‘tsk tsk’ and unfollow, whatever you like. Don’t lecture me.

If I express an opinion:
I love a good reply with a grounded rebuttle. Cussing me (as much as I enjoy a good vloek) without forming your own opinion isn’t really going to get a reaction. Or at least a good one. Come at me if you must, but have some bullets in your guns, charna.

I love replies to my tweets – it makes the conversation that much more interesting.

But FFS, stop TELLING me what I’ve said. I fucking know. I typed it.

Over and out. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Strangest Email I've Ever Received...

On Youngblood 5 today I featured a very cool event, called Slutwalk, which orignated in the USA. It all started when a police official in the U.S. recommended that women 'don't wear slutty clothing, to avoid being raped'. Naturally, uproar ensued. To find out more about it, visit Slutwalk Jo'burg's website.

Usually feedback for YB5 is positive: it's people wanting to get involved; it's people wanting to donate; people wanting to find out more; people just wanting to say thanks to those making a difference. This afternoon, however, I received this email in reply to today's feature, in which I interviewed Sandi Schultz, who is a rape survivor and organiser of Slutwalk JHB. This is a complete copy/past, except for his name, which I have courteously omitted:
Hi Kim. I ASSUME it was you who was doing the recorded interview with the Slutwalk lady. I am always disturbed when people or bodies are allowed to solicit for donations or cash from the public via 5FM, (or any other broadcast medium for that matter). 5FM seems to be pretty random though, allowing any kind of ne'er-do-well to beg for cash on air. Is the Slutwalk thing a Registered Charity? (for example). Some of us may think that the aims of the people begging are noble, some of us may not. I hear loads of con artists on 5FM every day. Besides the con I thing that 5FM should be politically neutral and not be used for fundraising or promoting political agendas. (by all means entertain me with YOUR opinions, but don't PROMOTE political agendas) Sexual abuse is not pleasant or entertaining. Certain of these nasty social pathologies do not even pertain to the 5FM audience (except as a cash cow). Please entertain me instead, don't try to indoctrinate me or beg for money. Regards P***n Politically oppressed white male If you send me a blank (or unblank) e-mail as a response I'd appreciate it, thank you. 

I didn't realise non-profit organisations asking for donations equated to 'soliciting'. He doesn't seem to want ANY NPO to be given ANY exposure on ANY medium.

He's also so 'concerned' that some of the orgs I've featured are 'con artists', and that 5FM features these 'con artists' every day. He's worried about the political agenda being promoted...

He'd also appreciate to not be 'doctrinated' or for our YB5 causes to 'beg him for money'.

Now, as a public broadcaster, not only do we not have any political agenda whatsoever, we're not ALLOWED to have one. You can find each an every cause featured on YB5 this year, here. P***n, if you're reading this post, please feel free to browse these causes, their accreditations and how they've helped their respective communities. You are free to point out any political affiliation, and any sign of corruption they may be guilty of. If you think we're so stupid as to feature an unlicensed NPO.

Now, having tried to be PC above, I simply must get a bit angry.

The men and women I've spoken to each and every week have GIVEN UP THEIR LIVES to help their causes. Jes Foord, who ran Durban Slutwalk, is a rape survivor who was gang raped, and instead of shrinking away, she started a foundation to be a comfort to other women who go through that ordeal. Her foundation is now her life.

Now, it may be a bit higher grade, but as NON PROFIT ORGANISATIONS, P***n, they do not make an income. Meaning, they rely on donations, sponsorships and patrons. Whether you like it or not, these causes rely on their communities. Whether you realise it or not, these orgs are making a difference in our country and in our communities.

5FM is the perfect platform for these causes to get the help they need, and as a station that's all about our listeners, it's of course not only our prerogative to help, but our pleasure.

I'm so sorry, P***n, for taking up three minutes of your entertainment on a Wednesday, and a random minute here and there throughout the week. No, it's not pleasant to talk about rape and sexual abuse - what do you think it's like for the people who have to deal with that trauma every day for the rest of their lives? And these women (I haven't spoken to a male survivor as yet) are the strongest, most successful and inspiring women I've ever spoken to.

When it comes to YB5 complaints, I expect the odd angry mail because a cause they're passionate about hasn't been mentioned. Because when people are passionate about something, they go all the way.

I never, in my life, thought I'd get an email as ridiculous as this. Not only completely missing each and every message we've sent out, as political and solicitous, but reducing peoples' hard work to begging.

I spit on you, P***n, and hope that at some point you'll escape your bigot box. Not everyone HAS to support a cause, or donate to one - but I think even those who aren't actively involved in charity work of some sort appreciate the people who are out there doing it. I know they are, because they email me and tweet me to tell me as much.

If you can't find it in you to even simply ignore the weekly causes, I implore you, to shut the fuck up.

Now, I'd like all you to reply to this guy in the comments below, I plan on sending them to him. Thanks. xxx