Monday, July 18, 2011

What I think of Mel Gibson's Beaver...

Medication and therapy have both failed Walter Black (Gibson), leaving him with only one other option: a deep bottle of booze, and a short jump off a shower rail. In his drunken stupor, Walter finds an old beaver puppet, which accompanies him through his unsuccessful suicide. And it’s the beaver that saves his life.
 I used to love Mel Gibson. And let’s make no mistake, whether director Jodie Foster likes it or not, The Beaver ultimately became all about Mel Gibson. This former fondness allowed me to put aside less fortunate events in Gibson’s recent history and watch The Beaver as if nothing had ever happened. I’d urge you to do the same. Because The Beaver is nothing like any movie you’ve ever seen... (read the full review) 

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  1. Yeah, the movie is like no other movie we have seen before. It looks really good and I will definitely watch. I am glad Mel Gibson has made a comeback as I always liked him as an actor. Aragorn