Friday, June 17, 2011

A Cute Kiddy Flick, I didn't hate

I usually HATE children's movies. Not animations - I love animations. Films with characters portrayed by real, live humans. They're always cheesy and lame, with kids who can't act. Thank peanuts for Jim Carrey.

Channel 24 Review: Mr Popper's Penguins

There’s a certain expectation that comes with a Jim Carrey movie. The rubber-face expressions; the over the top antics; strange loud sounds that turn out to be real words. Some people love it, other people detest it. I’m happy to say that no matter which side of the fence you’re on in this regard, you’ll enjoy his take on Mr Popper.

A young "Tippy Toe" spent his childhood waiting excitedly next to a long-distance radio transmitter for the very sporadic contact from his dad. But, the older he gets, the less he believes in his Adventurer dad, who’s always found his exotic explorations more important than his young Tippy Toe at home. The grown Popper has an excited charisma about him, and along with it, a ruthless sense of opportunism and business savvy. As a divorcee, his biggest challenge is winning over his very sensitive teenage daughter, and keeping his young son on his team. When his father dies, he leaves Popper a rather intrusive inheritance: six Gentoo penguins. They’re the most family-orientated and loving of all the penguin species and they go from ruining Popper’s perfect New York life, to changing his perspective. And his decor choices. But can the new sentimental Popper handle disappointment, and stop himself from going back to his safe, controlled world of coaxing and manipulating?

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If you have some kids to entertain, this movie is definitely a good choice. Won't drive you nuts.

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