Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogging about Blogs

I know, like it'th THO ironic, eh?? It'th like I'm a hipth-ter and don't even know it!

Moving on...

Caught my initial glimpse of Creepy Miranda on Hurricane Vanessa's blog (on the right there as one of my favourite blogs). And, I, like, LOLLED. In fact, nay, I LOL-ROLLED (lololololololololololol = LOL ROLL, original instance copyright of TIts McGee). Argh, gaad, I have no attention span today - veeering off.

So, Creepy Miranda is quite evidently a lesbian. But she is a kak-funny lesbian. The blog is full of funny cartoons, which with time, will help you get to know Miranda better. Her taste in women, her pervy antics, her junk-food obsession. Just click and love.

Okay I'm calm.

Just click on the link. You might want to do a few lunges in preparation for the ab workout you're about to get.


1 comment:

  1. Kim, Great site, a bit odd sense of humour, but still a cool site to read. Aragorn