Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scary. As. Fuck.

I've been going through the movies I'm going to preview this month, and hopefully review for Channel 24. I usually read some synopses and watch a trailer or two if I feel the need. (For the record, I usually hate trailers. They're very badly cut these days and tend to give away far too much content. But sometimes they illustrate the tone of a movie well if I need more info.)

So this morning, I watched the trailer for "Insidious". Yes, it should say a lot that it's made by the same chaps who did "Saw". But there's more to it for a change. Which is evident in said trailer:

FUCK. MY. EYES. How creepy does that look? And it's PG13!!!! PG THIR-FRIKKIN-TEEN yo!? But it has that thriller "something-more-to-it" thing going on. Sort of how The Ring freaked you out? 'Sept in this case, I think we'll know WHY it freaks us out. Well, I hope.

I'll watch this puppy at the end of the month, just for you, and review it. Hopefully those lovely folks will publish it.

I'll need you to buy me a new pair of pants afterwards, I'm sure.

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  1. Starts off kinda making you want to shit your pants. Then it gets stoopid. Then you laugh and wonder why you bloody watched it in the first place. Meh.

  2. HTF is that only PG-13???