Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Orlando & Tarquin (and my new vocabulary)

You know that feeling that something’s missing from your life? And you can never seem to shake it?

Well, I’m here to help. Because I have found that thing. I discovered the missing element. The “ZING” in “amazing”. The “WONDER” in “wonderful.” The “AWE” in “awesome. The “COCK” in “huge-cock”.

If you haven’t been on a gap yah, you know someone who did. And for no other reason than sheer hilarity, I have to introduce this to you and your life:

May you be at peace, my child, knowing that never again will you feel empty and meaningless. Knowing, that even in the darkest times, Gap Yah will be there to fill the void.

No shurrup. I’m hungovah. I might chundah EVERYWAH!. Got LASHED last night. In my LASHmina.

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