Friday, May 20, 2011

Nicolas Cage's less than Kickass new flick...

My latest movie review for Channel 24 is for Nic Cage's latest offering, Season of the Witch.

You know a movie’s going to be good when English Knights launch into war-banter with heavy American accents. And when Persians ululate. But I walked in with a very open mind, knowing very little more than the title and a brief synopsis. So I kept it that way, despite its rather distinct and immediate flaws. Besides, I LOVE historical movies.

The beginning is unsettling and eerie: three witches lined up on a bridge, being prepared for a hanging. After their quick and graphic deaths, the priest is rushed through his preferred rituals. In his desperation to ensure the witches’ powers are eternally destroyed, he sneaks back that night to read prayers from the Book of Solomon. Only, he’s too late...

Find the full review here. Open today in cinemas.

I love some Nic Cage. There was Kickass, which was an interesting new direction for the mumbly Copolla. City of Angels, The Rock - I could list for days. I love his broody voice. He's still sexy, despite the scraggly hair and permanent goatee. Just love him. So I HATE not loving his movies. I absolutely LOVE historical films, especially when they're full of mysticism and use ancient religion to add some "real-life" scaryness. Anyway, read the review for my views. Let me know what you though of it.

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