Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We LOVES us some Liam Neeson, precious. “Taken” was such an unexpectedly wicked movie. And he’s back with “Unknown” - to be released this weekend. I obviously know his talent stretches beyond the Thriller-scope, but I’m genre-grouping here, mkay?

When everything has been taken from you . . .
There's nothing left to lose.
Martin Harris has been in a coma for three days.
When he wakes up, otherwise unharmed, he is shocked to discover that no one knows who he is - he no longer exists.
Worse still, another man is living Martin's life. His identity, his home, even his wife have been stolen. He has lost everything
Except his memory . . .
Will anyone believe that he is the real Martin Harris?
If not, is he mad?
Or is there a far darker explanation?

The movie’s based on the Didier Van Cauwelaert’s (I can’t pronounce it either, don’t worry) book: “Out of My Head”.

There’s a synopsis below, but if you’re like me and would prefer the mystery, give it a skip.

From Publishers Weekly:

Van Cauwelaert's trademark absurdist-existential angst is evident again in this follow-up to his Prix Goncourt–winning debut, One-Way. American botanist Martin Harris is relieved to return home after a week-long absence, three days of which he spent in a coma in a Paris hospital following a car accident. What a surprise, then, to discover that his wife of 10 years doesn't recognize him and is now living with another man, a botanist named Martin Harris whose knowledge and memories are identical to the narrator's in every detail. When no one from his former life will vouch for him, Martin starts entertaining unlikely conspiracy theories (adultery, corporate espionage) that are just credible enough to add some real spice to the mystery of his predicament. Feistily questioning his most basic assumptions—Where is memory stored? How authentic are the stories we tell about ourselves? How much of what we cherish about life is based on nostalgia and repetition?—he quickly finds that he "had to stop existing in order to start living." What has been a spirited exploration of identity and memory abruptly turns into a somewhat flimsy thriller in its final pages, but Martin's mighty struggle with self-doubt, paranoia and the disorienting freedom of losing his place in the world makes the ride well worth it.

Good news is: I HAVE A COPY OF THE BOOK TO GIVEAWAY! Tell me why you want it, and I’ll give it to you. BOOM! Just leave a comment in the comments box, and I'll pick a winner!

I LOVED it, and would highly recommend. Otherwise, just pop off to the Bioscope this weekend to watch the Liam Neeson film-version. (Out on 22nd April.)


  1. SOrry the trailer's overlapping the block - it's in HD and shit, which I assume is why.

  2. Cos I'm the first comment?
    oh, and that movie looks like a serious winner!

  3. Cos I LURVVV Liam Neeson and pretty please ;)

  4. Really been looking forward to this movie and the book would just be awesome :)

  5. hmm well i have nothing to say but give me the damn book before i become completely befok and start throwing elbows up in here :D

  6. Liam Neeson has the versatility in his acting to pull off this type of role, look at his acting in Batman Begins, a mentor and teacher but still capable of leading an army. In the film Taken, his intensity and drive in his chase to save his daughter. Besides, he is a fantastic actor. So definitely waiting for this one..
    Comment enough ? :o)

  7. GIve it to ME before I go all fokken "Taken" up in this joint, bustin' fokken noses and shiiiiiiiiiiite!

  8. Hahah Gavin, I like your effort there. Please email me your details.