Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Teen Portal

After reading @HurricaneVaness’ blog piece on Rania Matar’s photos of girls in their rooms, I realised something. As teenage girls, we had it right in a lot of ways.

Yes, we were totally delusional about our bodies, and hated parts that we love about ourselves now. We were totally obsessed with the boys who were mostly obsessed with the filling of our bras and panties. We couldn’t wait to grow up and drink cocktails like the S&C gals, have sex like the S&C gals and wear the clothes. And we spent most of our time out pretending that we were those women. It’s a horrible phase of having to make out an identity and figure out who the fuck we were. And that not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman phase is an identity mine field.

But if anything, we were outwardly proud of our creativity and the things we drew on to establish that very ‘formed’ identity. The teenage girl’s room being the prime example. Pictures of friends collaged on entire walls, pictures of our favourite actors, actresses and models. Boy bands. Puppies. Colourful duvet covers and assorted teddies that we’d had since toddlerdom.

We didn’t know how to express ourselves through personality and speech, I suppose. not in the way we do as we get older. Being confined by the institution of high school and bondage of parents doesn’t help that cause much either. So the next best option was to wear our hearts on our bedroom walls. Most parents tend to give teens free range over their room deco. And in that world where things oppress you from all directions, having a private, sacred space like that is essential. School has you in a uniform, obeying time-constraints, obeying teachers, living by particular mantras that sound eerily similar to Nazi-style propaganda to promote school spirit and disciplined living. Your parents probably applied similar restrictions and laws. (Which I do believe we all need at that rebellious phase.) So that world you can create that’s all your own and all you is priceless.

The appealing thing about it is the disorganised, personalised feel of it. Now, we’re concerned with white linen, matching upholstery and curtains and minimalising. Back then, we stuck any memory-making knick-knack on the walls.

There are innumerable reasons why 25 is better than 15, but it’s nice to look back at a time when the value of things surrounding you was in their sentimentality. Not whether you got it from Wetherly’s or Coricraft.

I frikkin’ LOVE Coricraft...

(No photos for the post 'cause you should definitely go to Vanessa's blog and check it out!)

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