Monday, April 18, 2011

About that relationship status...

So I gave a long-winded, opinionated speech on this very blog about why Facebook relationship statuses AREN’T a good idea. Scroll down for info.

I’m not necessarily being a hypocrite either. I still believe those things I wrote. It’s just that I’m quite willing to look like a tit if I do have to deal with all that consequential awkwardness. I’ve already survived the wave of “who, who” and “omg” and “ooo-oo-oo, FB official”. And been smart enough to hide the relationship status from certain people, albeit after the fact. (Fucking blonde, I am.)

You might be interested to know that I spent an entire two and a half year relationship not putting my status up. He said he didn’t mind, and I was still very iffy about it. (Refer to previous FB post for details.) Aaaaaand I wont pretend it didn’t have something to do with subconsciously knowing that it would end at some point...

And I’m going to avoid getting all soppy about this new bloke. ‘Sept that he’s awesome.

So summing it up: yes, I’m an arsehole for not having some conviction. But I like to think it means I’m an adaptable person who’s willing to change her opinions, yes? Ya. Gonna go with that one. ;)

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