Friday, December 31, 2010

Cynical Revelations... Reservations? Resolutions. That's it.

I’m not prone to resoluting. You know, for New Years. I find it serves no purpose than to set you up to fail. I can’t say I’ve ever made resolutions which I haven’t fulfilled, and that that’s how I know this - I’ve never made the mistake of making them in the first place. Ha!

But the point is, the New year (like the new week, the new month - even the new day) is a good point in time to make big changes. Big decisions even. Force yourself to morph. Seeing as we have to sum up our lives in years, we might as well make an effort to make an entire one awesome. All those Facebook statuses with their “2010 was awesome! Couldn’t have wished for a better year! Blach blah blaaah I’m a schmuck!”? Ya, so next year on the 31st of December you can have a status that says “I made 2011 my bitch! Made millions, shagged plenty hawt shorties and rimmed your mom!” In fact, just say that in your 2010 status now.

So I’m considering setting myself a couple of “challenges”. I shan’t write them down and stick them on the fridge. If they’re relevant enough, they’ll stick in my frontal lobe. Haven’t fully decided on them yet. One of them is to cook a proper meal every single week night. I’m tired just typing that. Meh.

But, despite my cynicism, I am very excited about the new year.

I’m thrilled beyond description that we don’t have the daunting World Cup. We don’t have to defend our ability to host it, we don’t have to deal with horrifying traffic, and the students and lennas don’t have to write exams three months early, or whatever it was. And even though I got all geesed up and woo-girled my way around the WC2010, footie appeals to me as much as a spinal tap. Looking MAHJAHLY forward to the Cricket World Cup in India too.

I LOVE the beginning of the year ‘cause my grandslams are back. Starts off with the Aussie Open on the 17th of January. I have lots of little hopes for tennis this year - but like the unmentionable Kallis double century, I wont tell you what they are ‘til they’ve been achieved. Gooood it’s going to make being more productive difficult.

I’ll be moving. AGAIN. Possibly twice. FML or YAY, I’m not quite sure. Happy that I can, at last, get my very own couch though.

I plan on getting even more in your FACE, but I’ll divulge more when the time comes. (I’m a firm believer in karma, lani.)

Big plans, comrade, big plans.

This whole “2011” vibe also got me thinking back to matric - because my lil’ sis’ has just finished High School. I had the plan tabled OUT I tell you:

2004 - 2007: get engineering degree
2008: have awesome job that overpays me for said eng degree.
2010: possibly be living in foreign country because eng degree gets paid more there.

‘Sept the “eng” degree became an “eng”LISH degree. Ha! And at the time it looked like aaages! I thought to myself, “shit, I can’t believe I have to wait until 2008 to have a proper degree and job. Pfft.” And then life in its awesomery happens, and you realise, firstly (to a degree) who you are and what you actually want to do, secondly, that varsity is well wicked and that you should spend as many years as possible being a student and thirdly and fourthly, that 25 is not old and most people don’t have their goslings in a circle only 5 years after leaving school. I reiterate: Ha!
So despite my young perceptions of who and what I’d being doing in 2011 being blown to balls, I’m looking forward to it. Get to make it up as I go now, you see.

(I hate that not even I can help reflecting and somewhat resoluting, despite myself.)

Yes, I know resoluting is not a word.

Have a good’un tonight!

Oh, one of those other “challenges”: blog every day. Even if it’s just a funny pic. Hoping to keep you logged onto this here shoe. :)