Monday, October 4, 2010

Routine Hell

I’m a creature of habit. But I am very fond of change. Ya – walking contradiction, I am. Specifically when it comes to my routine. I wake up at the same time, brush my teeth, put in my contacts lenses etc, etc always in the same order. Nothing wrong with it – it’s a very good time gauge and is definitely one of the reasons why I’m seldom, if ever, late. (Touch wood.) The kak thing about it is that I’m now having to wake up particularly early, what with the whole PTA – JHB schpiel. And my control-freaked always-alert brain constantly reminds me at night that I’ll have to be waking up really early the next morning. It pisses me off, man! ‘Cause it really fucks up my nights. By the time it’s half past eight my mind’s going, “don’t commit to anything now – you’ve got to get to sleep soon”. Sonofabitch.

I miss late movies, late TV shows and much-needed reading. And I’m one minus HDD recorder at the moment so I can’t even tape the shit. (No, I don’t have PVR. Duh. Not retarded.) All in all, feeling very sorry for myself.

Then some nights I try to say “fuck it” and just stay up and watch whatever, read whatever and surf for however long I like. Aaaand of course I hate myself for it in the morning. See, one thing about me that will never change is that I like my sleep. I like eight hours of it. I always have. I’ve tried being that person who can live on five hours’ sleep a night. Either reslutting (yea) in a miserable bitch or quiet and tired toddler. Doesn’t work.

There’s nothing worse than being habitual and routiney and hating said routine. It’s turned me into one of these weekend-loving folks. I’ve obviously always loved weekends, but I’ve never been a Monday-hater or a “count down to Friday” maniac. I’m like that now… It bothers me. ‘Cause my job’s awesome, my weekdays themselves are rad.

I need to get around this whole issue. Kveekly comrade, kveekly.

(Back to more compelling topics soon.)

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