Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mixed Tape Mondays

Every now and then I get a niggling urge to clean out my cupboards. I empty out the lot, refold all my cloths, organise them according to colour and type and repack everything. On one particular instance, I also cleared out the storage shelves. There I found something amazing: my cassette tape holder from high school. Filled with labelled tapes.

Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Third Eye Blind… and Evanescence… blegh. All taped off 5FM. I forgot how cool it is that I now work for the station I spent my life listening to. The best part is that I have a cassette player in my car. (I’m so cool and retro, it’s dangerous, man.) I had also reached the point where I needed to zone out in the traffic instead of catching up on all the stressful news. So in went a tape marked 2003: Beginning. Eminem’s “Superman”, a song I’d totally forgotten about, started playing. At the end of each song I could hear snippets of Sash and Ian F, Nicole Fox, Zuraida Jardin – even Gareth in his first days at 5, before I undoubtedly stopped recording, swearing at their stupid asses for talking over the songs. (I didn’t know about ‘clocks’ then, you see.)

Despite the poor quality sound and the shameful mix of good and bad taste in music, hearing the tapes I’d listened to over and over again in high school was more than nostalgic. I didn’t think about my friends and sports days, or waking up at 6am and putting on a blue skirt. I remembered just being a young girl locked up in her room with paint brushes everywhere. I remembered the neat stack of files for school work and the tidy desk I spent so much time at. And I remembered the unassuming oval box that was my pride and joy, which yodelled out my favourite songs as loudly as it could. Yes, music always takes us back to parties and good times with great people. But it’s that time I spent with my music alone that’s so distinctive. No one critiquing how good or bad the line-up was. No one asking who sings which song. Because frankly, it doesn’t matter when you’re twirling around to it alone in your room.

I’m so chuffed I found them. I now have “Mixed Tape Mondays” when I listen to a different tape on the way to work. It’s surprising how refreshing it is to recall the feeling of being young and relatively careless. Because it also reminds me how much better so many other aspects of my life are now that I’m not na├»ve and unspoiled, if you will. I’ll post the playlists on here every Monday just in case you remember some. And please, don’t judge me when you see ‘JC Chasez’ posted up there…

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