Monday, August 16, 2010

Mixed Tape Monday - 1999

Today’s playlist might be the most embarrassing to publish. It was my first tape I think, which I made in 1999, also my first year in high school. Yipes.

Maybe you can help me out actually – I have some ‘titles’ of songs and I don’t know who they’re by. Comment away:

Side 1
1) Seems like an Angel (?)
2) You’re a God – Vertical Horizon
3) Every Morning – Sugar Ray
4) Kiss Me – Sixpence none the Richer
5) Under the Bridge – All Saints version
6) There She Goes – Sixpence none the Richer
7) Rescue Me – (?) (I do however know that is was that dance mix)
8) Runaway – The Corrs
9) If Only (???)
10) Pink – Aerosmith
11) I See you Baby – (shakin’ that ass) (?)

Side 2
1) I Turn To You – Christina Aguilera
2) I Just Wanna be with You – (?)
3) Paranoid – (?)
4) There You Go – (?)
5) Feels So Good – Sonique
6) Thong Song – Sisqo
7) Adam’s Song – Blink 182
8) Look Up, Look In – (not fucking idea)
9) What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182

Very Girly… And I hate that I don’t remember who sang half of that stuff.

Kudos should be given for Sonique, Sugar Ray and Blink 182. Blink was basically the definitive soundtrack to my youth.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… I think…


  1. Hahaha! Such flashbacks to being 12 years old again. It's embarrassing but also awesome. Embrace it.

  2. Track 11 is by Groove Armada

  3. I loved that thong song! :) So many of those songs bring back sch good memories! :)

  4. Ah Groove Armada! See, this is why I need you guys ;)

    I'll be doing it every Monday Darrel - may memories to be visited!

  5. Side 2

    2 - Enrique Iglesias
    3 - Hopefully Black Sabbath
    4 - Pink

    Mostly you just gave away your age. LOL You're right about Blink182. They defined my matric year along with all the other bands that featured in American Pie. There was a definite SoCal punk and ska era. Greenday, No Doubt, The Offspring. :-)

    I have no mix tapes anywhere to delight the world. :-(

    I just bought cassettes, but not very many of them. Mostly I had Ace of Base - The Sign, Monster Hits 4 and Ugly Kid Joe. LOL

  6. yes! But not Black Sabbath. Eish.

  7. Seems like an Angel - Texas?
    Rescue Me - Madonna? (it was remixed a crap load!
    Paranoid - Shit load of songs with this title.. Black Sabbath, Kayne West, Jonas Brothers (in 99? lol), Garbage (I think I'm Paranoid) and a whole lot more!

  8. Side 1

    7) Lovestation

    Side 2

    3) Garbage

  9. Haha sweeeet. Next monday I'll actually listen to the whole tape and not need y'all to educate me so ;)