Thursday, June 20, 2013

Who's the Hottest of them All: Game of Thrones Guys

The Game of Thrones HBO series boasts a series of super hot people. HAWT.

In the novels, George RR Martin describes his characters accurately: Robert Baratheon used to be a tall man made of muscle and lust and hotness, and Renly is like his 'ghost' according to Ned Stark. (Ergo, Renly is supposed to be superbly delicious.) Jaime Lannister is described as the most handsome man in the Seven Kingdoms. Loras Tyrell is the most beautiful.

But in the series, who do WE think is the most yummy?

I've painfully trawled through pics all morning to find you pictures of each actor in character, and then some shots of them in their raw person.

Starting with the main characters:.

Robb Stark

Aaah the now deceased Young Wolf. Auburn haired and blue eyed.

He's played by Richard Madden. Seeing as Madden is quite fond of his stubble even off Stark duty, he looks much the same: scrumptious.

Jon Snow

Yeh nuew nuthin Jen Snaaw! The sombre Bastard of Stark.

Kit Harington. Smiling. GIMME!

Jaime Lannister

The yellow-haired twin to the Queen.

Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Hear me ROAR ... haaaaaaa

Tyrion Lannister

The Imp, a bastard in his own way. The book describes him as quite grotesque.

Peter Dinklage is everything but grotesque...

Other characters long since dead or of smaller roles:

Loras Tyrell

The Knight of Flowers, the youngest and hottest of the Kingsguard.

Finn Jones does not disappoint in real life.

Khal Drogo

The fearsome Khal

Jason Momoa did the haka in his audition for the role. SWEET YIPES hand me a towel.

Viserys Targaryen 

We hated him in Season 1, the beggar king abused our beloved Khaleesi.

But MAN the modestly named Harry Lloyd is not too bad eh?

Jaqen H'Ghar 

A man must drink.

I'll have a long and tall Tom Wlaschiha please.


WHO is the hottest? Love to hear your opinions, and also who you think I may have left out. This is far too complex a debate for twitter, which is why I hauled out the much-neglected blog.

(I considered Ser Jorah Mormont, and even took a look at The Hound and Stannis Baratheon out of curiosity. Not to my taste, but if you insist I'd be happy to oblige)

Gotta say, Drogo and Harington take it for me. Hubba hubba.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Tastes delicious! Taste Of Christmas 2012

Everyone flocked to this years Taste Festivals in Cape Town, Durban and Jozi. Yummy wine, delicious food and creative little bites all over. We love eating. And we love eating even more during the festive season. So what could be a better idea than launching a TASTE OF CHRISTMAS? 

Pick 'n Pay has done just that at Joburg's Coca Cola Dome from the 7th to the 9th of December 2012. 

Some of the country's best chefs will be there to show you how to entertain with style and how to make your Christmas menu creative and exciting.

Gourmet inspiration and shopping! And it's the perfect opportunity to get all your Festive Season shopping done under one roof, without having to fight off the hordes of last minute mall shoppers.

Wanna be there? 

Wee-eee-eeell you're in luck, because I'm giving away a pair of tickets to ONE lucky reader. Tweet me @KimSchulze, and name two of the chefs who'll be at this year's Taste of Christmas! (website's a good clue hehe) 

If you don't win that lucky set, here are more details: 

Book now for the *Taste Gift Ticket Special and for just R100, you will receive entrance to the festival, a tasting glass, and a a bottle of Niel Joubert Sauvignon Blanc 2012 *ends Thursday 15 November 

Showcasing a variety of great Christmas gifts and ideas - ranging from food producers, homeware, fashion, accessories and art, it is destined to become the ultimate festive gifting, food and drink event.

A feast of great restaurants, world-class chefs, cheese and wine and chocolate tasting awaits as Pick n Pay Taste of Christmas launches your holiday season with style.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suck On My THINK THAI Balls

These, are my ThinkThai BALLS!

@MikeSharman and I hosted an absolutely banging Thai party over the weekend, along with the incredible bringers of YUM: Simply Asia.

You may have seen me RTing Mike's blog posts about the competition. If you want to find out more about the blogger competition side of things, check it out here. But it's not just about those people who go to restaurants and tell people they're "important bloggers", no! Hekekeke. YOU can win a trip to Thailand too! All you have to do is go to a Simply Asia restaurant (and really, why WOULDN'T you? Their food is honestly delicious yumminess) and then enter by putting your little form in the doos. Box. Watevs.

Sun was out to PAWRTY!
The fun side of this all was of course that we got to throw the above-mentioned party. The memo was the throw the most quintessential Thai party possible. Simply Asia provided the food - starters, mains and pudding, along with whatever booze we wanted. Within a budget, obvs.

The theme was VERY important. And what is more Thailand, or more awesome, than the traditional FULL MOON parties??? Neon and lumo and DRUNK!

LUMO *check*, DRUNK *check*, Token Ladyboy? *Erm, check?*
We spent most of our booze budget on the delish Singah beer, native to Thailand of course. It's quite yummy, and if you've never tried it, I highly recommend ordering one when you pop into Simply Asia. We got a selection of red and white wines for the fussies who don't really like their beer. And then my magic stroke of genius was to make what we dubbed "Fuck-it buckets". I can't give you the recipe. I don't even know what was in it. Except for the vodka and Red Bull (given to us by the lovely Hayley Venter @AllHail), I haven't a cooking clue, ha!

For food, we chose Option A:
And these are just the STARTERS! 

113 Combo Platter
116 Dim Sum Combo
301 Chicken Green Curry
514 Yellow Noodle with Chicken and Roasted Chilli Paste
607 Prawn and Calamari with Yellow Noodles
303 Beef with Basil Leaves
902 Chocolate Spring Rolls

EVERYTHING was spectacular. Honestly, EVERYTHING.

Here are some of the Lumo or Asian inspired outfits:

Asian persuasion

When doing lumo, '80s works every time. With profanity painted on your arm by yours truly. Ahem. 

The aforementioned FuckIt Bucket

In your lumo FACE! 

The recently back from Asia couple, getting all matchy and shit ;) 

Thinking Thai. And Hawaiin. And Singah. Watevs. 

Did I mention how much we ROCKED at Beer Pong??

After things went south, beer goggles were needed...

Me? Lumo?

A bottle of Patron sponsored by our Patron Princess

We added in some cheesy tunes, and the most fantastic group of people available, and had one of the best Saturday afternoons cum nights in a while! The atmosphere was all kinds of frivolous fun, mostly owing to the LUMO theme, and our attempts at Thai decor. Having the party at our poolhouse was also a brilliant idea - what's Thailand about if not blue waters, good company and sunshine? And obviously a debaucherous Beer Pong tournament!

These arseholes are jamming their FACES off to MM BOP! Ha!
Got to say a big thanks to all our wonderful friends who joined us and supported Mike's bid to win the trip to Thailand, and an even BIGGER thanks to the guys from Simply Asia who were absolute pros! Cooking on scene, Thai stir-frying the FACE off our delicious food, and giving us the chance to have a House-warming slash Engagement slash LUMO party!

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a trip too!

Enjoy the photos ;) #ThinkThai #ChooseSharman


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FINALLY! Half-Arsed-A Chef!

I don't need to bring to your attention the flood of crappy cooking shows occupying our screens at the moment.

We have the cringe-worthy, yet funny, Come Dine With Me. A show that's only saving quality is in the form of narrator Dave Lamb. It's fairly fun and easy to make fun of people who take themselves too seriously.

The glories of Come Dine With Me

We had the overly-serious, 'THIS IS FOOD, YOU TREAT IT LIKE LIFE OR DEATH, YOU USELESS ARSEHOLES" attitude of the original UK Masterchef. A constant air of failure, tension and pressure. A bit unpleasant to be frank.

"We are foodies and you will never be as superlatively AMAZING as us! Pttooey!" 

Then we have the much-loved, and much-improved Masterchef Australia: a marathon competition combining natural talent and development of skills, along with George's rocking heels and Matt Preston's cravat. Also serious, but with a positive and helpful vibe.

"Ebb-solutely beautfal"

Then... oh bless, we were introduced to Masterchef South Africa. Just a week ago. Episode two tonight. Despite good production and a good mechanic, thanks to MC Aus, the desperate attempt to take themselves too seriously has already played against the resident judges. I think I'll leave it there.

Haaaaa... I actually can't even. 

So in this whirlwind of the same but different cooking competitions, a solution was needed.

I'm delighted to introduce to you a REAL South African cooking show.

A cooking show that brings the best out of our Saffa disposition, and our local cuisine!

Oh! The pressure!

Ooh - the RAWNESS!

Oo - just watch "Half-Arsed-A Chef: The Boerie Tower Challenge" mkay?

Let me know what you think ;) 

Friday, March 16, 2012

I do love a good, juicy Gherkin...

There's nothing better than a GOOD, locally written book.

I'm John vd Ruit's biggest fan because he took his life in our ever-exciting, ever-interesting and diverse country and turned it into one of the funniest books ever to come out of SA.

So you can imagine my elated JOY when I was sent a copy of "Year of the Gherkin", a hilarious piece of local lit by author John Dobson.

Also written in diary format, Dobson's taken the tsunami of social media and it's affect on our lives and how we interact with each other, and turned it into a priceless paper-box of giggles. See for yourself in this extract:


Went on to S’s fb page, seems like she has had a very social weekend, which is not ideal. And for ‘Looking For’, the answer is ‘friendship’. At least it says she is interested in men, open-minded and indifferent to religion. There is hope, Jason. 

She looks hot in her profile pic – then most do. Like a fat chick is obviously going to post a head-and-shoulders or if her dial is also muck then they post like something of their cat. But you must be careful. I saw this girl Erin on Facebook who was a friend of Tam’s. She looked half decent and thought that Tam may have a doable friend – but then when I met her, as Dawesy says, caveat emptor. Translated from Latin as voetstoots.
Was thinking if Siobhan was a car, she would be like a Saab. Quite cool, bit exotic, not the absolutely best-looking, a good reputation, but you really do not know that much about her. Cheryl from the gym would be a Toyota – solid and reliable, practical and useful, and common, and normally always there for you. Tam (my ex) would be like a Rav4 – cool a long time ago. Leslie my sister would be a 1978 Mercedes – built for comfort, but nowadays squat and ugly. Mich would be a Nissan – got all the features, but you do not really want to go there. Lettuce (Slug’s mrs) would be like a Smart Car – original, but like weird,  a gimmick, stay well clear. There was this girl from first year, I cannot remember her name, but we actually called her Volksie – after the original Beetle – noisy, popular and everyone had a go. Also her engine was at the back.

Units of alcohol in 2010: nervous 90s.

Current account: too scared to log on and check.

Credit available: ditto.

"Also her engine was at the back."??? It's not great for one's airplane etiquette to guffaw regularly.

What with the social media driven topicality of the book, what better way to let people know about it than through the internets? HOW *NOT* IRONIC, right?

The book's lead character, Jason, has a twitter handle and FB page to interact with you. Jason's a funny dude, and if you do like his interaction online, I can promise you that you'll love the book.

In what's quite a novel approach, the publishers are going to be releasing an iTunes app to let potential readers get to know Jason better.

I love the whole approach for several reasons, not the least of which is character-driven literature. There's nothing more appealing than a really well constructed character. We're also seldom given the opportunity to learn a lot about a book before buying it. Blurbs and reviews are vague, and seldom give you a good idea of the writing style you can expect. So this idea of interacting with the lead character is fantastic.

If you're not sold on the book yet, follow Jason around and see if he draws you in. I, personally, can't wait to see how this all pans out. Great concept, great book!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Is Katherine Heigl trying to look like Helen Mirren?

Let me first unequivocally state that I think all women want to look like Helen Mirren when they grow up. The woman is 67, and has somehow done the near impossible, and aged like a fine wine. She is impeccably stylish, yet age-appropriate, she's had little or no surgery and is still a sex-bomb.

Then you have Katherine Heigl. Yes, she's a mommy. And some may think her perpetual styling as a '40s Hollywood starlet is some kind of homage to Marilyn Monroe - I don't think it is. Behold! The evidence!

Heigl is 33. THIRTY THREE. She can still pull off long hair, edgy outfits and a bit of trendy style. Frankly, her attempts at that ageless Glamour don't work. ScarJo works it, Evan Rachel Wood works it, Rachel McAdams (sometimes) works it. Katherine, I'm sorry to say, just ages herself by another 33 years.

Now, this is a woman who is a stunner. She's hot. She doesn't need to look 67, even though it appears she is emulating the hottest 67 year old out there.

I realise these three pics are terribly typical "sex-kitten" poses. That were probably taken when she was in her twenties. But her attempt at a more 'mature' style is putting YEARS on the girl. 

But hey, who doesn't love Helen Mirren?